STR Survivor Guide

7 Big Money Mistakes New STR Investors Make

(And How To Avoid Them So You Aren’t Forced To Sell, Lose Thousands $$$, And Quit Real Estate Investing Forever)

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Are you interested in STRs but scared to make a bad investment?

• Discover the 7 critical mistakes new STR investors make• Unlock how to avoid them (to profit from your 1st STR)• Save potentially hundreds of thousands $$$• Prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety from rookie mistakes

Don't throw money down the drain by making any of these 7 profit-crushing mistakes

My name is Bryce Garcia and I...• Own 2 STRs that made a 15% cash-on-cash return in 2022.
• But made $50,000+ in mistakes (and caused me tons of stress)
• All of which could've been avoided had I known more
So now, I'm sharing this with you so you don't lose your money (and your mind) like I did.

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Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: Understanding Active vs. Passive incomeDay 2: Having a clear vision and starting with the end in mindDay 3: Conducting due diligence from the market down to the individual propertyDay 4: Planning and budgeting for expenses (upfront and ongoing)Day 5: The myth about investing in a specific marketDay 6: Commodities vs. Unique experiencesDay 7: Managing money for your 1st property (and additional properties you buy)